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MB Rubber Aberdeen Limited can supply many grades of Natural and Synthetic rubbers such as Neoprene, Nitrile, EPDM, Viton and rubber used for snow plough blades and applications that require high abrasion resitance. All materials are available in commercial grades to high spec and British standard grades.
We can offer to supply in a form that you require from full size rolls to straight strips or pads. Hand cut and press cut gaskets to suit standard and bespoke flanges. Traction wheel friction liners. Spool lining and Clamp linings.
MB Rubber can also supply rubber mattings. These include general purpose matting such as fine fluted and broad rib, to specialist / high spec that are job specific including Electrical matting that meets current European ( CEI/IEC61111 )and American ( ASTM D178 ) safety standards.

Expanded Neoprene foam materials are also avaiable in roll form up to 10 metres long with or without a self adhesive backing from 3mm to 25mm thick from stock. 


MB Polyurethane can offer to supply parts manufactured in Polyurethane in a range of harnesses (from 15 shore A – 60 shore D) and in many colours to suit your requirements. Polyurethane is a liquid that can be cast into any shape or size and with excellent material properties may be the perfect material for your application.
We can design fabricated steel or fully machined moulds in house to produce the parts you require and can offer to supply single components to production runs.
Polyurethane can be used for roller coatings, bell nipple seals, subsea well head caps, connector protectors, conductor chocks and piggy back systems and can also be supplied in sheet or rod format

Engineering Plastics

MB Engineering Plastics can offer to supply material from the thermoplastic groups such as Nylon, Oil Filled Nylon, Acetal, Delrin, Polyethylene, Polycarbonate, PTFE and Peek, with many others available that may suit your requirements.
These would be available in flat Sheet or standard stock shapes. However we can also take care of machining materials to drawings provided if this is required. 


With a range of adhesives in stock we can offer to supply a product to suit your requirements. From 2 pack contact marine based cement, instant adhesives to speciality grades.   


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Thainstone agricultural centre
AB51 5WU


Email: blairsmart@mbrubber.co.uk 
Phone:  (0) 1224 518440                     


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